• Alex Radford

Another day another breach of trust from Silicon Valley

This time Google (well YouTube really).

With all its success and R&D spent to improve its search capabilities, it is surprising what a poor job Google and its core video offering, YouTube, do in two key areas of top importance to advertisers around the globe: search personalization and brand safety.

YouTube’s latest brand-safety debacle was sparked by a 20 minute video that has been viewed nearly 24 million times. Blogger Matt Watson said the comments sections on some YouTube posts that featured videos of girls performing things like gymnastics and yoga were being exploited by a “soft-core paedophilia ring.”

The outrage and furore over Watson’s discovery has caused major advertisers like AT&T, Disney, Epic Games and Nestle to pull advertising from YouTube as a result.

Unless Google improves its personalization and brand-safety capabilities, it stands to lose more market share to others, most notably Amazon.


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