• Alex Radford

Australia Leaps Past U.S. in Smart Speaker Adoption, Google Home Establishes Dominant Market Share

I love my gadgets, and the one that continues to surprise, and delight is Google Home. I have one in pretty much every one of the main rooms in my house. They can turn on the lights, act as a multi-room speaker system, shut the blinds, work as an alarm clock, and can answer most of the questions about dinosaurs that my three-year-old throws at it. So, no surprise that Australian smart speaker adoption reached 29% of the adult population, compared to about 26% in the U.S at the end of 2018, with Google Home commanding 68% of the market.

There is still no official release date of the Google Home products in New Zealand, but my bet is that adoption will overtake Australia pretty quickly, so if you’re not ready for voice, this is your last warning! Its coming, and its going to be big!

Find out more here https://voicebot.ai/2019/03/19/australia-leaps-past-u-s-in-smart-speaker-adoption-google-home-establishes-dominant-market-share/


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