• Alex Radford

Closing the gap...

Earlier this decade, digital media platforms transitioned from interesting ways for people to stay in touch with old friends and keep up with news, to a critical vehicle for businesses to reach their customers. 

Built into these platforms were ways for brands to address customers and prospects directly, leveraging data and coining the term, people-based marketing. This rise of digital media and increased access to customer data has closed the gap between technologists and marketers.  

This article from AdExchanger, discussed the reasons why the companies that will succeed in the digital age are the ones that unite data across marketing and advertising spend. It delves into how it creates feedback loops that leverage insights to drive change, and train employees to be both marketers and technologists. 

Read more here: https://adexchanger.com/data-driven-thinking/closing-the-gap-between-marketers-and-technology/

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