• Alex Radford

Digital Ad Spending Will Pass Non-Digital This Year

In 2019, predicts a new forecast from eMarketer, the digital research firm. That digital advertising in the US will surpass traditional for the first time, capturing more than half of all dollars spent by advertisers. This year, advertisers will spend $129.34 billion on digital ads vs. 109.48 billion on traditional advertising, which includes all non-digital options, such as television, magazines and newspapers. In fact, the only traditional medium still in the black is out of home advertising which will be up 1 percent this year. Among the digital ad platforms, Amazon is seeing strong results. Though it ranks No. 3 behind Google and Facebook in digital ad revenue share, its ad business will surge by 50 percent, eMarketer says, and it’s closing the gap with No. 2 Facebook (22.1 percent).


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