• Alex Radford

Dullest Superbowl in the history of American Football

So, by all accounts it was the dullest Superbowl in the history of American Football, in terms of the actual game, but again if you believe the reports it was an absolute winner from an advertising perspective. Which let’s face it, is a slightly sad indictment of the state of American sport!

For marketers, the real competition was focused on Super Bowl brand performance across the digital landscape. Based on the first set of data released by social media channels and analytics platforms, the biggest online buzz was generated by Verizon, with its “The Team That Wouldn’t Be Here” spot, Bud Lights’ crossover ad with HBO, the NFL’s “The 100 Year Game” ad featuring 40 NFL MVPs, and Pepsi’s Super Bowl spots with Cardi B, Lil Jon and Steve Carrell.

Verizon’s “The Team That Wouldn’t Be Here” ad topped both YouTube and iSpot.tv’s list of most popular Super Bowl ads. YouTube had Verizon at number one for the Super Bowl ad with the most game-day views. Runners up on YouTube included Amazon’s “Not Everything Makes the Cut” at number two, followed by Jeep’s “Big Game Blitz.”


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