• Alex Radford

The D3 Approach to Media

We set up D3 because we felt there was a better way. Just four global advertising networks now dominate the global and local media landscape largely designed to service massive global corporations. This in our experience isn't so great for New Zealand businesses, both small and large.

D3, we believe is different. We offer the same core services as the large networked agencies backed up with globally experienced staff, but that's where the similarities stop.

Yes, we have experts in Search (both SEM & SEO) Paid Social, Programmatic Media, and Traditional Media, but because of our experience, size and approach we can deliver results to our clients' bottom lines faster and more effectively.

We focus on outcomes measured through data, not the promotion of individual channels because they are more profitable for us. We also believe in building trusted relationships through great account service and mutual training and development programmes.

We develop the strategy first, through merging business objectives, clear audience insights, historical, current and macro-economic data and then pull that through into a channel tactics and activation plan which is executed on by our world class media team.

We offer real-time dashboards through our unique D3 Lab to all clients, along with weekly performance stand-ups to ensure complete clarity and confidence as well as 100% transparency.

D3 is a digital media agency built for New Zealand businesses to deliver results effectively and efficiently through best in class people, processes and technology.

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