Why Choose D3?

Why to Choose D3 as your Digital Media Agency

1. No complacency

Big agencies get complacent. To a big agency, a corporate client is, well, just another client. At D3, we are beyond passionate about doing a good job for our clients and this is a breeding ground for focus, creativity and diligence.

2. The Ringelmann Effect

This phenomenon is simply ‘the tendency for individual members of a group to become increasingly less productive as the size of their group increases’. As a smaller, lean agency, we’re not so big you need positions as specialist as Team Envelope Licker. We’re a crack team of specialists with a broad skillset who are collaborative, creative and productive.

3. No red tape

Bureaucracy is the Kryptonite of innovation. Without the corporate rulebook we’ve got a climate for outside the box thinking and, frankly, ‘just-getting-on-with-it-ness’.

4. Less sales-y

Our agency needs to make money – obviously. But we’re not consumed by numbers. It doesn’t dictate every strategy and determine every action. There is a genuine excitement for, and love of, the work we do. This will be obvious.

5. Transparency

Smaller agencies do not have the same rabbit warren-like structure of a large agency. There aren’t hundreds of departments. The staff at a D3 are communicative and available. If someone other than the recipient of a request holds vital information material to the request – well, they can just shout their name across the office.

6.  Flexibility

Smaller agencies are lean, flexible and adaptable. If you want something done, you’ll get it done. You don’t have to put the project through operational protocols in order to correctly assign resources and project manage it to death. On the contrary, we pride ourselves on just cracking on with it. If the direction your business takes suddenly changes you can steer with immediacy and not come crashing off the road.

7.  Relevance

Let’s face it, if you’re good at what you do, you’re probably ahead of the curve. You can afford to experiment and take risks which makes you cutting edge. Forward thinking companies want cutting edge.


8. No BS

D3 staff haven’t undergone the Corporate brainwashing that makes all staff use the same terminology and buzzwords. Clients want straight talking. When they ask for an update, they want to the point answers; progress, timescales, barriers. And that’s we provide.

9.  Affordability

Some big agencies, used to working with massive businesses, will see them as a bit of a blank cheque. Corporate clients are getting wise to this and when they come across a smaller agency who can maintain or improve quality at a lower price point… well, you can imagine the outcome.

10. Sunk Cost Fallacy

The notion that a product or an idea, having received historic significant investment, is continually used as a solution, regardless of its effectiveness. For example, a larger agency, having just invested significantly into its programmatic team, may try and shoehorn all their clients’ needs into that particular solution to justify it. Smaller agencies can remain extremely open-minded and take a top-down approach.


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